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The Big Day is Upon Us

My novel, Age Matters, will debut at a Book Launch on Thursday, January 17, at 4:00 at the Dollar Clubhouse in Rossmoor Retirement Community.

I have been named Author of the Month for January 2019 by the organization, Published Writers of Rossmoor.  PWR helps its writer-members launch newly published work and this writer is very grateful for this opportunity.

The novel has traveled a long road from first draft to publication.  As I said in an earlier post, during those early years of working on the novel, when the going got rough and the muse turned mute, I would take a break and return to playwriting, an easier endeavor for me. However, during the last four years, I have focused exclusively on the novel.

Thursday’s party will feature light snacks and beverages including coffee, tea, and wine. There will even be some ‘surprise’ entertainment. I’m feeling excited as this fun event approaches.

Books will be available for sale at a 35% discount.

You can also purchase Age Matters on Amazon

as well as my award-winning self-help book The Ten Minute Cognitive Workout. 





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As many of you know, I am primarily a playwright. I’ve written eleven plays and I plan to write several more. Three years ago, I put playwriting aside in order to concentrate on finishing my first novel.  I don’t mean to imply that it took me only three years to write the novel.  I wish! In fact, the process took much longer. Prior to three years ago, I would work on the novel for awhile and then, when the going got rough and the Muse became Mute, I’d go back to playwriting. It wasn’t difficult to put my novel aside. I felt much more at home writing plays.

For me, playwriting is easier than novel writing. There are many novelists who would say the opposite. It depends on one’s skill set. I love to write dialogue and a stage play is close to 100 per cent dialogue. Novels contain dialogue, but they also contain descriptive passages. Scenes and settings have to be described. The actions and behavior of the characters have to be described. The characters themselves have to be described. All of this description is, for me, more difficult than writing dialogue.

Several years ago, when I was in the clutches of the ‘Mute Muse’, I gave a talk at Toastmasters in which I compared the two processes. At that time, I was learning how one writes a novel. I was taking classes and workshops. I was plowing through a stack of how-to books. I learned a lot. I learned even more a lot while actually writing the novel.

I learned that playwriting and novel writing have many things in common. I also learned that the two endeavors are significantly different.




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Chicago is a terrific theatre town!

I had tried for several years to get a production of a play in that great theatre town, Chicago. I’ve had productions in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Eureka!, Houston, Boca Raton, Grand Rapids, and in England and Toronto, as well as, of course San Diego. In August my play “The Bus Stops Here” was performed in the 906 Theatre in Chicago. WOO HOO!
(next goal: PHILADELPHIA!)

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New Digs

I have made the gigantic leap from life in San Diego to life in Walnut Creek. The move was a difficult one on so many levels. It felt as if I were stepping off a precipice into the unknown. But the precipice turned out to be a gentle and beautiful step up.


After an arduous four+ months  of packing, purging, translocating, and unpacking, I found time to put the finishing touches on my novel, Age Matters. I’m looking forward to an imminent publication date and my readers and followers will be the first (well maybe the second, if I count myself) to know. So stay tuned.


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Kay Baldwin is about to realize her dream of selling a screenplay–if only she were younger.

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“News” in Spokane

My one-act comedy “News” was performed in the Corbin Players Potpourri of Plays at Corbin Senior Center in Spokane WA, November 4, 2016.

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Now available on Amazon

AGE MATTERS  by Peggy Dougherty