An excellent conference in New York City

In August I attended the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference 2016 in NYC. I’ve attended several writer’s conferences, but, in this case, I was very impressed with the overall and consistent quality of the presentations, the talks, and the sessions. It was a valuable and worthwhile experience that I would recommend to all writers. Of course, […]

Writers Digest e-Book Awards Reviews THE TEN MINUTE COGNITIVE WORKOUT

Commentary to Peggy D. Snyder, Ph.D. (aka Peggy Dougherty) re: THE TEN MINUTE COGNITIVE WORKOUT   “I found this book quite helpful, and I think many people will benefit. I like the way you connect this to a “workout” and keep the exercise short and focused. That makes it much more useful as it’s effective […]

” … they do things they don’t do on Broadway …”

I’ve tried for several years to get a production of a play in that great theatre town, Chicago. I’ve had productions in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Eureka!, Houston, Boca Raton, Grand Rapids, and in England and Toronto, as well as, of course San Diego. In August 2015 my play “The Bus Stops Here” […]


Baby Boomers, the generation that proudly tackles taboo subjects, are now confronting the grim reaper — over food and drink. They are using websites like deathoverdinner.org/ and deathcafe.com as guides.                                                     […]

Just A Note …

… to catch you up with what’s happening in my Writing Life. In April of 2013, my play “Om Sweet Om” was produced in a festival at Secret Theatre, Long Island City, New York.  And it was one of the finalists!  ( A bit of trivia:  Long Island City is in New York City in […]