Peggy D. Snyder. Ph.D.

Chicago is a terrific theatre town!

I had tried for several years to get a production of a play in that great theatre town, Chicago. I’ve had productions in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Eureka!, Houston, Boca Raton, Grand Rapids, and in England and Toronto, as well as, of course San Diego. In August my play “The Bus Stops Here” […]

New Digs

I have made the gigantic leap from life in San Diego to life in Walnut Creek. The move was a difficult one on so many levels. It felt as if I were stepping off a precipice into the unknown. But the precipice turned out to be a gentle and beautiful step up.   After an […]


Kay Baldwin is about to realize her dream of selling a screenplay–if only she were younger.

“News” in Spokane

My one-act comedy “News” was performed in the Corbin Players Potpourri of Plays at Corbin Senior Center in Spokane WA, November 4, 2016.

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Hoping no neighbor watched, Kay slunk beneath the windows toward the front driveway. A wide-open space lay between her and the street. She couldn’t risk sprinting to her car. She had better hide behind the oleander until Olivia left. Excerpted from Age Matters by Peggy Dougherty. Look for my novel Age Matters on Amazon. Click Available […]

Will Kay sell her script … ?

Kay sat frozen with fear. What stink bomb had Stouffer dropped? Did it have something to do with her script? Joel stared at the contract. After several minutes, he raised his eyes. She couldn’t decipher his expression. His jaw stiffened. “We’re withdrawing our offer. I’m truly sorry.” A ripple of nausea stirred in her gut. […]

Accompany Kay on her misadventures …

The distant music seemed to come from the backyard. Kay stepped onto the manicured lawn and wandered past the front windows. They were closed and vacant. She checked for curious neighbors and crept around the side of the house. Smooth jazz drifted softly from an open window as she approached a redwood gate. She heard […]


Kay Baldwin is about to realize her dream of selling a screenplay–if only she were younger. Soon you’ll be able to join Kay in her battle to overcome Hollywood ageism and a myriad of other daunting obstacles. Look for my new novel Age Matters. Coming soon to a bookstore near you. (It’s at the printers […]

A Novel Experience

After several years of work, my novel is close to completion.  I am eager to see it published. Stay tuned.