Since moving from San Diego to Walnut Creek, California in August of 2017, I’ve had many opportunities to enhance and nourish my life as a writer. I now live in Rossmoor, a retirement community in Walnut Creek.  I’m a member of the Published Writers of Rossmoor and the Drama Association of Rossmoor. As a Published Writer of Rossmoor, I was able to sell copies of my book, The Ten Minute Cognitive Workout, at the annual Rossmoor Holiday Bazaar in November of 2017. I’m planning a round of workshops at local libraries and other venues to acquaint people with The Ten Minute Cognitive Workout.

The Drama Association offers a smorgasbord of classes, workshops, and productions. I recently participated in my first acting class. It was awesome! I look forward to returning to playwriting once I launch my novel.  Yes, my novel.  The novel that got set aside during the Purging and Packing Process prior to my move from San Diego.  The novel that got ignored while I unpacked and settled into life in Rossmoor. That novel.

Is my novel, Age Matters, soon to see the light of day?  This author says “Yes!”

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