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The Importance of Reviews

I want to thank those of you who have purchased my novel Age Matters, and I want to give a double, triple, quadruple shoutout to those of you who have posted a review on Amazon.  If you have purchased either the paperback or the Kindle version on Amazon but have not had time to write a review,  I would be ‘over the moon’ if you did so. The number of Amazon reviews is what drives sales. See below for instructions on how to do it.*

I have dreams of seeing Age Matters on the big screen. As my protagonist, Kay, says:   “ … why not reach for the stars?” I believe that the path to Age Matters: The Movie is paved with hundreds, probably thousands, of reviews.

If you haven’t purchased Age Matters, I hope you’ll consider doing so. And I’d love it, and would be very grateful, if you posted a review on Amazon. Your review can be short and pithy (two or three words) or as long as you wish.

WARNING: Readers say that once you start reading Age Matters you can’t put it down.

*To Post a Review on Amazon:

Go to my Amazon Book Page

Once you’re on my book page click on ‘Customer Reviews’ or on the  row of yellow stars. It will take you to the list of reviews. At the top there is an option: “Write a customer review”.  Voila!

Thank you!

And all of you book lovers will relate to the following “Book Lovers’ Quotes”:

“I tried everything to get to sleep last night. Well … everything except closing the book and putting it on the nightstand. Let’s not get too crazy.”

“Never judge a book by its movie!”

“I am a reader, not because I don’t have a life, but because I choose to have many.”


Thanks for your help and support!



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