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Pleased and Grateful

My novel, Age Matters, was celebrated at a Book Launch on January 17, 2019 at the beautiful Dollar Clubhouse, (a registered Historic Site) in Rossmoor Retirement Community in Walnut Creek, California. I was thrilled at the large turnout. For me it was an exciting and fun event, and I believe the attendees enjoyed it as well.  There was food, there was drink, and there was a conversation with the audience about the novel.

Rather than read an excerpt of the novel to the audience, I invited two excellent local actors, (members of the Drama Association of Rossmoor) to act out Chapter One of the novel. They did a terrific job and the enactment was the hit of the event. Thank you, Linda Kelp and Gail Wetherbee.

I also want to thank Published Writers of Rossmoor for naming me Author of the Month for January of 2019 and for giving me the opportunity to mount a Book Launch following the publication of Age Matters.  Holding a Book Launch is one of the many benefits of membership in Published Writers of Rossmoor.


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