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Will Kay sell her script … ?

Kay sat frozen with fear. What stink bomb had Stouffer dropped? Did it have something to do with her script?

Joel stared at the contract. After several minutes, he raised his eyes. She couldn’t decipher his expression.

His jaw stiffened. “We’re withdrawing our offer. I’m truly sorry.”

A ripple of nausea stirred in her gut.

“Simon’s changed his mind,” said Joel.

“Changed his mind?” Her brain scanned the words, but they didn’t compute.

“If it were up to me, I’d buy your script on the spot. I want to see it on the screen. You know that.”

The nausea burbled upward. “I can’t believe—”

“Simon and I are partners. We have to agree on every purchase. As to why he’s reneging … he didn’t say.”

“But you’ll find out?”

He slapped the desktop. “Oh, he’ll explain this flip-flop.”

“And you’ll explain it to me?”

He studied her without responding then stood as if to show her out. She rose on limbs sturdy as weeping willow branches and grabbed the back of her chair.


Excerpted from Age Matters by Peggy DoughertyLook for my novel Age Matters on Amazon … soon.


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