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Hoping no neighbor watched, Kay slunk beneath the windows toward the front driveway. A wide-open space lay between her and the street. She couldn’t risk sprinting to her car. She had better hide behind the oleander until Olivia left.

Excerpted from Age Matters by Peggy DoughertyLook for my novel Age Matters on Amazon … but not yet. The cover design is coming to life. Can’t wait.




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Will Kay sell her script … ?

Kay sat frozen with fear. What stink bomb had Stouffer dropped? Did it have something to do with her script?

Joel stared at the contract. After several minutes, he raised his eyes. She couldn’t decipher his expression.

His jaw stiffened. “We’re withdrawing our offer. I’m truly sorry.”

A ripple of nausea stirred in her gut.

“Simon’s changed his mind,” said Joel.

“Changed his mind?” Her brain scanned the words, but they didn’t compute.

“If it were up to me, I’d buy your script on the spot. I want to see it on the screen. You know that.”

The nausea burbled upward. “I can’t believe—”

“Simon and I are partners. We have to agree on every purchase. As to why he’s reneging … he didn’t say.”

“But you’ll find out?”

He slapped the desktop. “Oh, he’ll explain this flip-flop.”

“And you’ll explain it to me?”

He studied her without responding then stood as if to show her out. She rose on limbs sturdy as weeping willow branches and grabbed the back of her chair.


Excerpted from Age Matters by Peggy DoughertyLook for my novel Age Matters on Amazon … soon.


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Accompany Kay on her misadventures …

The distant music seemed to come from the backyard. Kay stepped onto the manicured lawn and wandered past the front windows. They were closed and vacant. She checked for curious neighbors and crept around the side of the house. Smooth jazz drifted softly from an open window as she approached a redwood gate. She heard female voices, and she recognized both of them.


Excerpted from Age Matters by Peggy DoughertyLook for my novel Age Matters on Amazon … but not yet. We’re on Round #2 of Proofing the Proof … and I still have to come up with a cover design.


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Kay Baldwin is about to realize her dream of selling a screenplay–if only she were younger.

Soon you’ll be able to join Kay in her battle to overcome Hollywood ageism and a myriad of other daunting obstacles.

Look for my new novel Age Matters. Coming soon to a bookstore near you. (It’s at the printers now!)

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A Novel Experience

After several years of work, my novel is close to completion.  I am eager to see it published. Stay tuned.

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An excellent conference in New York City

In August I attended the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference 2016 in NYC. I’ve attended several writer’s conferences, but, in this case, I was very impressed with the overall and consistent quality of the presentations, the talks, and the sessions. It was a valuable and worthwhile experience that I would recommend to all writers.

Of course, being in the Big Apple had its fringe benefits. I took in some great theatre and consumed delicious food. I love the energy and excitement of New York.

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Writers Digest e-Book Awards Reviews THE TEN MINUTE COGNITIVE WORKOUT

Commentary to Peggy D. Snyder, Ph.D. (aka Peggy Dougherty) re:



“I found this book quite helpful, and I think many people will benefit. I like the way you connect this to a “workout” and keep the exercise short and focused. That makes it much more useful as it’s effective without an overwhelming investment of time and effort.

What I found most helpful was how your attitude that these conditions were normal (not “mental illness”) and could be aided by using our minds in this productive way. That went a long way to de-mystify the “problem” and make the solution more accessible. Your voice was always so comforting and comfortable! All of these aspects make your book more approachable and reassuringly useful.

Your whole approach is so engaging! I think from the title to each exercise, you’re making it easy and fun for the reader to use your techniques.”

“Judge, 3rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards.”